Friday, 27 February 2009

The Update That Wasn't

I started writing a blog entry about how I feel really restless today. About how yesterday was such a productive day, but today is crap even though it’s busy. Blah blah blah.

And now, I’m just annoyed. We just had a small meeting to do “awards”. Basically if someone does something great and you want them to get some recognition for it, we do Stars. People get little card stars that have the thing written on it and who it’s from and you can stick them on your computer or whatever. I don’t, because it’s lame and they’re shit. BUT, these count toward Star of the Month – whoever gets the most Stars or Nominations in the team, gets an extra half-day holiday for free. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s only February and I only have 2.5 holidays left to last me until the beginning of June. I will take all the days off I can get.

People got a bunch of stars for “giving positive feedback to such and such” and basically doing their Fing job. My friend got one for “Always staying until 5 to cover phones so most of the team can leave at 4.”

Well, considering he gives me a ride home EVERY DAY, you would think I’d get one too. No. I left early this week only, because I’m so far up on my hours at work that I won’t be able to carry them over to next month if I work any more extra time. But I get no recognition for that. Nobody’s every said anything about the fact that I did amazing in my training when they trained me to help out this other team. About how fast I got signed off on it and what great feedback I got from my trainer. About how I’ve been busting my ass to close a ton of work every day and that my effectiveness according to our system is always over 120%. About how, even though I’m doing all of this, I’m still spending two hours a day – working through my lunch hour – to do some extra work for my team. About the training I’ve been doing, the training notes I spent all morning yesterday putting together.

No, I got one nomination for coming in when it had snowed copious amounts overnight and only me and two other people bothered to show up. That’s it.

If people are going to get recognition and days off for things that are basic like “giving feedback to offshore team” or “answering my question about a recommencement” or “helping me out with a telephone query from a policy holder”, why do I get absolutely nothing for all the extra work I do every day?

It’s just not fucking worth it. I’m pissed off right now. Even though I said “I stay late every day, this week is the first time I’ve left early since before Christmas” it was just laughed off. Yet he gets a fucking star nomination for it, and I’m pretty sure that one extra meant he got the extra half day.

I’m such a fucking sore loser. But damnit, you’d be pissed too.

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I hate shit like that, because you know it's just a popularity contest.