Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Oh. My. God.

I met a guy at the gym.

I know. People always ask me if I met any cute guys at the gym. And I'm always like "Don't be fucking stupid, that kind of thing never happens for REAL. That's movies!"

But it happened! And he was cute.

The story is kind of retarded though. Basically I accidentally assaulted him with a cross-trainer.

I walked over to a cross-trainer and put my water bottle on it, then noticed there was some paper towel stuff that someone before me had left, so I went to throw it away. When I came back, this guy was leaning against the front of the treadmill, so I hopped on and said "Excuse me?" ... Well, the arm that I was expecting to go backward went forward and nailed him in the back of the shoulder. Sigh.

So I was all embarassed and apologised PROFUSELY but he was okay with it and laughed it off. So I started working the cross-trainer and he started talking to me. Apparently he works there and was on a break so he'd come into the cardio room to watch Cricket for a bit. So not only did I assault a cute guy, I assaulted the STAFF. We wound up talking for twenty minutes and then he had to go downstairs for pool-duty and asked if I'd come talk to him. Unfortunately, I had to leave to catch my bus. If I missed it, I'd have no way to get home =/

But he did ask if I'm going tomorrow and I told him I am sooo I might see him tomorrow. How exciting!

Then he asked if I've had a fitness plan made (my gym does a free assessment and plan for you when you join) and I said no, so he asked if I wanted one and I was like "Um no it's ok thanks, I probably wouldn't stick to it anyway." But in reality I was thinking "I don't want the cute, super fit, sporty guy to see how super ridiculously UNfit the fat chick who hit him with the cross-trainer is."

Man, I'm doing SO WELL today too. I only burned 300 calories at the gym, but while I was on the cross trainer I was talking to him, and I can't work hard and talk at the same time. When I got home, before I climbed into a hot bath, I weighed myself. And the scale said 189.6. ONE EIGHT NINE POINT SIX. That's almost two full pounds lighter than this morning! And USUALLY I'm around two pounds heavier at night than I am the next morning. So this has me WAY excited. I'd been hoping to hit 190 tomorrow morning, so if I'm back into the 180s I will be SO RIDICULOUSLY THRILLED.

Wow, lots of caps haha.

The best part is, I've done AMAZINGLY well today. It was a 200 day on ABC but I've been trying to restrict harder to make up for Valentine's Day Weekend Doomsday. I posted my "plan" earlier, but I did even better. I've had nothing since my 17 calorie broth at lunchtime =] GO ME.

I honestly think this is the least I've ever "eaten" in one day. Zero solid food (even though my aunts, who are both going for gastric bypass surgery, sigh, went to the fish and chip shop and asked me if I wanted something. I so could have had chips and gravy. But I said no. Also, I had no money. SO THIS IS GOOD. I need to not carry money on me, obviously. Although, I would have said no anyway, I could've borrowed it off my aunt if I wanted to.) and only 17 calories. Even on a fast day I tried to do with my first try at ABC, I think I had 40 calories.

YAY. SO psyched right now, you have no idea.

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Lady Destroyed said...

Going through and reading your blog from the beginning.

I love the bit about not carrying money! I did that too and magically...no more drive-through crap going into my mouth. It's amazing.