Thursday, 3 June 2010

Of Flukedom?

I was right when I said that yesterday’s random 4lb drop was a fluke. Today, I’m the same weight, no gains or losses, not even in the decimals. Which I guess makes yesterday’s fluke less of a fluke. 4lbs over 2 days is much more reasonable than 4lbs overnight, right? So hopefully it’ll stick and the loss will continue tomorrow.

Just a quick post for now because I’m at work and it’s pretty manic. But I just wanted to update you and also to say HOLY SHIT THE DRAMA. Honestly, you guys, if you could see all the shit going on in my sister and her on-again-off-again-fiancee-who-is-having-a-sex-change-and-his-female-name-is-the-same-as-my-name-but-spelled-slightly-differently’s feeds and comments, you would shit. Like, this is some Jerry Springer level insanity. One innocent wall-post currently has 160+ comments between five people all having a massive go at each other, and him threatening to kill himself (“and maybe my sister”) if people don’t leave him alone.

Holy fucking dramz. Ugh.

In unrelated news, Muller have repromoted their Limited Edition For Summer fat-free Lemon cheesecake yogurt. One pot is 105 calories, but it tastes like HEAVEN, it tastes like cheating, it tastes like ACTUAL LEMON CHEESECAKE, with the base and everything. That’s what I had for dinner last night. A-MAZE-ING.


Hanz said...

Haha Facebook is so weird - I never understand why people want to have like... public arguments on there. Surely you wanna do that shit in private?! Mega dramaz.
And Muller light = life saving. The lemon cheesecake one isn't the best by far though - Have you had the chocolate and black cherry one? Oh. My. God.

Ana's Girl said...

That does sound quite dramatic... Just wow. Lol.
That yogurt sounds amazing! It kind of reminded me of Yoplait's blueberry pie flavored yogurt. It seriously tastes like blueberry pie, not just blueberries, but crust and everything for only 100 or 110 (can't remember which) calories.