Saturday, 19 December 2009

Tips Please?

What are your favourite / the best ways to exercise at home with minimal (read: basically none unless improvised from household objects) or no equipment?


skinnybusiness said...

Try 17 magaziens beauty and health section. Also try to do warm ups like crunches, left punch right punch left kick right punch left punch right kick, then step up on a stool and lift one knee 90degries, step down, do with other leg. If you do this listning to music for several songs you should realy sweat.

Greene said...

Jumping rope is an easy one - but that required equipment I suppose.

Pilates, running, free weights (use heavy bowls or textbooks)

Ana's Girl said... has a lot of workouts that are both really easy (i usually pick more than one to do each day) and require minimal equipment.

Greene said...

Situps/pushups/jogging/skipping rope/youga (find vids online)/free weights (use textbooks or heavy vases)

Insane Jayne said...

Besides the obvious of situps, pilates, dancing etc try cleaning the house doing the laundry, or any daily thing you might do, do it twice as fast..(can be hilarious) we forget that doing everyday things burn calories too!
I just posted some Great unhealthy Dieting Tips if you want to check them out ;)
good luck! let us know how you go