Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Just a short, super quick post while I’m sitting at work waiting for calls and for my manager to announce they’re letting people go early today. My rant will come, oh yes it will. But the short version of the story is that I had to work til my usual time yesterday, while my manager took off at 2. Grr.

Anyway, I wanted to reply to a couple recent comments. I was going to do ALL of the comments I got lately but I’ve replied to some over on your blogs, and it seems like a lot of effort to go through now. So, if I haven’t already replied to your comments, I’ll do so in my own comments section k?

I want to get back to replying to comments here, to make sure y’all see them, so here’s the most recent edition =]

Ana’s Girl: Yeah, the thing is I’m having trouble coming up with rewards lol. There are so many things I want but I don’t want to OVERspend, so I think I’m going to have to set aside money specifically for decent rewards, or else I’ll just wind up spending it on something stupid I don’t need haha. I’m starting the new year off with ABC so Day 1 will be Friday Jan 1st =] You’re more than welcome to join me! I’m actually really looking forward to having a strict plan to follow again, I wish the new year would just hurry up and get here already.

Dot: Yay, I’m so glad you’re back Dot! I’ve missed your blog! I am really seriously excited about studying Japanese, and the year’s study over there seems too good to be true. I wish I could do it now but there’s not enough time to get everything together, but I’m really looking forward to it. I just need to settle on a course now. There’s Japanese Studies on its own but then also dual majors that I *might* look into, since another degree would give me an extra step up in Careersville. <3


Hanz said...

Just an idea for the rewards thing - how bout you collect the money you would have spent on a binge/food in general and save it up to spend on your rewards?
If you're anything like me you'll spend a ridiculous amount of money on food you don't need!

Ana's Girl said...

I like this way of responding to comments best. Half the time, i don't ever see responses when they're in someone else's comment section. (I'm just unobservant like that. lol.) Stay strong, dearie.