Thursday, 29 October 2009

I swear to god if one more thing happens I'm going to shoot whoever is in charge of the world.

First of all, sorry for the sporadic updates. My internet is still pretty failley and I haven't been at work to post except for Tuesday and was super super busy. I'm still around though and will post whenever I can.


Went to see a Pink concert last night with my aunts. I'm not huge into her music, always thought she was okay or good but never really made a point to buy her CDs or go out of my way to listen to her. But I have to say, the concert was amaaaazing. I was tres impressed for sure. She did an acoustic set, and some of the songs were better than the record versions.

Got home and went to sleep around 1:30. I had today off so had planned to sleep in and veg out and do absolutely nothing other than enjoy the time off work.

Except, I was woken up at 7 to a phone call from my great-aunt (not the one who's sick, my grandpa's sister who lives next door to him and we barely ever see) telling me my grandfather "has an accident" last night and was in the hospital. Went to the hospital and found out where he was and talked to him. In the end he's mostly okay, he said he took his dog for a walk last night and went into a coughing fit, and as he bent over to cough he had a headrush or something and blacked out, hit the deck, and woke up to paramedics talking to him.

They did a chest xray and things but it came back clear, which is good. I've mentioned before but my grandfather is in heart failure, so of course my immediate response was ohmygodhehadaheartattackhesgoingtoDIE. He's got a couple scrapes on the bridge of his nose and forehead but aside from that he's not marked up or anything.

But, his left hand is in a ton of pain and he can't really move it. He thought he may have landed on it and broke something, and the doctor was going to do an xray today. I think it may have come back clear though as they're keeping him in overnight again for some tests.

He had this same hand issue last year on Boxing Day (I prolly posted about it here and N99 at the time) and the doctors did all sorts of tests to make sure he hadn't had a stroke or heart attack or something, but they never did figure it out. After a couple of days it went away on its own and they let him go.

So.. big stress today. I'm happy he seems to be okay but you never know. And now I'm waiting for the third thing to happen =/

Oh, the best part of this, is that my grandmother is currently over at my other great-aunt's house (her sister, the one who has blood cancer) and we don't have the number there. So I try to call granny's mobile phone to get her and as usual it is turned off. I am SO pissed off. I get it in the neck if I miss a call from her, but hers is turned off when she's away, never mind emergencies or the fact that her husband's been in the hospital like twice in the past year.


Yum said...

Sorry to hear! Grandparents are so don't want to worry about them, because they're grown adults, but it's hard not to get anxious when simple things like walking the dog go awry. We don't even let my grandmother go upstairs any more.

Rachel B said...

Your post title is my mantra right now, haha. I'm so sorry about your grandpa by that way, that sucks. Take it easy, okay dear?

Anonymous said...


sry to hear about you grandfather, hope he will be better soon.
i love pink. i mean i really like her style and that she is different and does what she wants.
stay srong

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