Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I think I may have made a huge mistake that I will regret.

Instead of going for the extra work (involving having two teeth taken out and another eighteen months in braces on top of how long I've already had them), I decided just to let my ortho book an appointment in ten weeks to have them taken off completely. My teeth are straight, this is all I expected. So why am I so upset about not going ahead with the extra work? All this just to build up two too-narrow teeth sideways by a couple of millimetres each. It doesn't seem worth it. But am I going to regret this decision?


hey.hana said...

You won't regret it. It's silly to expect your teeth to be "perfect" ((whatever that means))

Vee said...

Yeahhh, when I wrote the post I was super stressing. I almost burst into tears when I was telling a friend at work about how I'd been stressing out over it. But we talked (via email at work lol) about things and in the end I realized - having two teeth removed and an extra eighteen months in braces is not worth it just to add a couple of artificial millimetres onto the side of two teeth that are too narrow. My teeth are straight and healthy and white *now* so I'm going to just go ahead and get them off. Ten weeks to go.

Thanks Hana =] I think to me that was the whole point that made me realize that I was making this bigger than it should be - perfection is subjective, and I really do like how they look right now. And that's good enough xxx